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Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are manufactured from metascan software that has visual and biomechanical analysis capabilities using dynamic, static and postural scans is used to create a biomechanical scan. This digital model collects a person's three dimensional plantar foot anatomy which is extrapolated from pressure data through an application of mathematical models. The pressure data is collected from dynamic scans of three steps of each foot from the pressure mat through the stance phase of gait (contact, mid-stance and propulsion).

The Footmaxx manufacturing facility is located in Roanoke, Virginia, and is one of the largest custom foot orthotic laboratories in North America. The clinical services department employs a team of highly trained pedorthists who supervise all orthotic prescriptions.

Footmaxx orthotics are custom-crafted using semi-flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid proprietary blends of polyproplene, graphite, carbon fiber, cushioning layers, accommodative cushioning, and other similar materials that are commonly used to make custom orthotics manufactured in podiatric laboratories. There are over 20 steps in the fabrication of Footmaxx biomechanical orthotic devices.



Initial assessment (40 to 60 minutes): $98.00

Orthotic fitting (5 to 10 minutes): $73.00

Orthotic re-check (5 to 10 minutes): free

Orthotics:  $412.00

All orthotics must be paid for in full upfront, and then receipts can be submitted to the respective insurance company.

We advise you to contact your insurance provider to determine who they will accept to dispense orthotics.

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