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Custom Knee Bracing

Types of custom braces

Breg Fusion Knee Brace

  • Provides protection for the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL
  • Ideal for normal daily activities as well as athletic activities

 Breg Fusion XT Knee Brace

  • Provides protection for the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL
  • A high strength frame design with lightweight, aircraft-grade tempered aluminum
  • Ideal for high performance or contact activities

Breg Fusion OA Knee Brace

  • Provides patients with medial or lateral compartment off-loading for unicompartmential osteoarthritis
  • Hinge utilizes Breg's thumbwheel dial design that allows patients to easily adjust the level of offloading
  • Provides medial/lateral, anterior/posterior stabilization and support

Breg Fusion XT OA Knee Brace

  • Designed for medial OA patients who participate in high impact activities
  • Features a high-strength frame that utilitizes Breg's standard adjustable hinge design for maximum durability

 Bledsoe Axiom Knee Brace

  • Provides support and stabilty for the ACL, PCL or combined ligament injuries
  • Redesigned low profile frame contours to the leg

 Bledsoe Axiom D Knee Brace

  • Provides support and stabilty for the ACL, PCL or combined ligament injuries
  • Rigid, durable and comfortable, providing full-bodied support and protection
  • Unique dynamic hinge delivers a progressive counterforce to the lower leg to reduce tibial translation in patients with ligament deficiencies or recovering from ligament reconstruction

Bledsoe Z-12 Knee Brace

  • Provides dynamic technology in a lightweight brace ideal for patients of shorter stature
  • One of the lightest braces on the market (made of magnesium)
  • Also comes in a dynamic option, similar to the Bledsoe Axiom D
  • Not recommended for contact sports

Bledsoe Z-13 Knee Brace

  • Provides the same low profile design as the Bledsoe Z-12 with the strength of aluminum Bledsoe Z-12 Adjustable OA Knee Brace
  • Dual upright design features an adjustable condyle building up to an additional 12 degrees of correction into the brace
  • Designed for patients with an active lifestyle who may need additional support from dual-upright brace due to ligament instability

Bledsoe Duo OA Knee Brace

  • Is the only dual upright dynamic OA brace on the market
  • Creates a load across the joint when the knee is extended and reduces the load as the knee flexes. When the patient is bearing weight, the brace is actively unloading

Bledsoe Legacy Thruster

  • Small, lightweight single upright brace
  • Only addresses OA conditions; not associated with ligament instability

Bledsoe Thruster RLF OA Knee Brace

  • Clinically provden to provide pain relief
  • Single upright OA brace provides the greatest of OA correction on the market (36 degrees)


Brace assessment (40 minutes): $98.00

Brace fitting (20 minutes): $73.00

Custom knee brace: $1959.00

Please note: We require full payment for the custom brace before ordering. 

Generic Bracing

We offer many different types of braces, including:

  • Achilles boots
  • Bunion boots
  • Dorsal night splints
  • Full shell tall air boot
  • Full shell mid-calf air boot
  • Post-op T-Scope


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